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JUDr. Zdenek Hromadka Law Firm
Třída Tomáše Bati 385
763 02 Zlín Louky
The Czech Republic

E-mail: info@iadvokat.eu

Office hours:
Mon - Thu 7am - 4pm
Fri 7am - 3pm

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Phone: +420 577 212 835

GSM: +420 737 456 586

Fax: +420 577 211 460

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We are a full-service law firm providing cost-effective legal consultancy and representation for corporate clients, businessmen and public authorities from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

We assist our clients also in cases regarding administration and recovery of claims, including litigation.

Although our Law Firm is able to render legal services in any field of law, we are primarily specialized in:

  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial and tax law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Transfers of real estates
  • Complex arrangement of the admission of foreign subjects and their investments to the Czech Republic and other new EU members

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