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Mergers & Acquisitions, Transfers of Shares, Transfers of Assets, Management Buy-outs

Never in the past our Law Firm assisted in as many cases of mergers & acquisitions, transfers of shares, transfers of assets as during the last year.


There are two main reasons:

1. Investors have started to consider Czech companies as interesting investment opportunities
2. Owners of the Czech companies seem to be tired after approximately 15 years of building up their companies

However we often find out that clients don’t prepare and think out the transfer of their shares or assets well:

  • It is a new issue and sphere of problems for the owners;
  • While focusing on the management of the company there is not enough time for strategic considerations;
  • Clients don’t have enough time and experience to prepare their company for transfer of share or for the investor’s admission.

What we can offer:

  • Consultancy during preparation of the company for transfer of share or for the investor’s admission, selecting appropriate ways how to achieve client’s aims
  • Advise on how to look for the person potentially interested in buying the share, to whom, where, when and for how much to offer
  • Legal assistance and support during the transfer of share or the investor’s admission itself
  • Due Diligence

We are able to guide the client through the whole process including related tax and accounting services.

Only with strategic management of the process from one place it is possible to expect best results and only when asking us to do the complex service you are able to achieve ideal price and other conditions and to minimize liability, tax and other risks.

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